The initial design was first conceptualized in 1996 during a welding class taken in high school. Before beginning the project, I made observations on similar products in the market and its limitations. I began brainstorming concepts, developing sketches and went on to create my first successful working physical prototype.

20 plus years later, I began to reflect on my prior and current existing product concepts to determine which are viable to the market and feasible to develop for the market. I chose this product and began a design thinking innovation process, creating a competitive advantage, and develop the product scope. I then began to layout the project scope. This first led to defining the customer, the job-to-be-done, customer pain-point/needs and producing the product requirements. Second, I began to explore and gather customer and product insights. The information allowed me to make sure I stayed focused and within the competitive advantage goals. Third, I began to convert the information into several comps and sketches as well as variations that aligned with the product scope and vision. I began cutting, shaping and molding metal to begin building and testing a few variations to validate the quality and specifications for the product.


  • Customer Researcher
  • Product Designer
  • Illustrator
  • InVision
  • Cut & Mold Metal Materials
  • Personas
  • Sketches
  • Material Researcher
  • Physical Product Prototype
  • Product Scope
  • Project Scope
  • Jobs to be done
  • Problem Scenarios
  • Value Proposition
  • Discovery & Experiments
  • User Interviews & Stories
  • Product Testing/Usability
  • Formulize Patent Pending
  • Product & Promotion


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